When it comes to the web development aspects of your site, any changes can influence your Search Engine Optimization and rankings. One way to ensure that this effect is a positive one is to consider a couple of SEO risks when making changes. For example, when changing the architecture of your site, it is important to fix existing problems without creating new ones.

Site Architecture and Thin Pages

Sometimes the architecture of your website just is not up to snuff. This can create a real problem in converting clicks to sales and can even negatively impact your search engine results rankings. Once you identify the problems, you can make changes to fix them. However, it is important to make sure that the changes you make do not create more problems such as thin pages.

Thin pages are those with relatively little content and can be identified with a web crawler audit tool. Sometimes when you are curating your blog posts and maintain or updating your architecture, you can inadvertently move more content from some pages than from others. By checking your site with an audit tool, you can identify and correct thin pages and boost your ratings.

Broken Links and Errors

Web development and SEO risks rely heavily on there being no broken links or errors when trying to access or use your website. This means checking each link that you have on your site as well as making sure that you do not have an abundance of errors or 404 response codes. A 404 response every now and then is to be expected, but multiple in a short amount of time can indicate a bigger problem.

Content and Staging

One of the most important aspects of SEO marketing and development is content. You want to make sure that you have quality content on each page which is refreshed on a regular basis. One pitfall that many sites find is valuing the quantity of content over the quality. When you stage your site, before taking it live, you can test it in many ways and fix any bugs before you roll it out to the larger public.

Web development an updating your site on a regular basis seem increasingly necessary to do business today. This means keeping up with the latest tools, techniques and trends in search engine optimization and website development. You can do this by researching the things that customers and search engines are looking for and incorporating them into your content and architecture.