Creating a web page or blog post with strong SEO requires backlinking. Whether you’re looking to bring in new traffic to increase awareness of your products or to promote your local brand, it’s important that you understand the power of backlinks in your overall SEO strategy.

A backlink is when a website other than your own includes a hyperlink to your web page. Google and other search engines use these links as a primary way to establish credibility for your website. Not only is it a great idea to include keywords, unique content and hyperlinks of your own, you’ll also want your pages to be linked by other blog posts, articles and web pages.

This process is more challenging than it may seem. Many companies used dishonest ways to artificially create backlinks. Whether they sold links or created false websites to boost the links of their sites, it created an unnatural boost to their pages. Google, along with other search engines, has been seeking more and more comprehensive ways to catch these scammers and remove the artificial boost in SEO.

You won’t be able to know the exact reputation of your website, or find out how many other pages have backlinked yours. The best way you can increase backlinking is to write content that is unique, interested and offers more value than other, similar pages.

As long as trustworthy websites are linking to your page, you’ll enjoy boosted rankings and higher results on relevant searches. One way to do this is through guest posting. A guest post is offering a free blog post or other content to another website, who then links to your website. As long as the post is relevant and high quality, this can be a great tactic for increasing the ranking of your site.

A more creative strategy is to search through current reputable websites to find broken links. A broken link happens when a website removes or moves a page. By advertising your own engaging web page as a replacement for a broken link, you’ll gain a backlink.

If you have a blog post or a web page that doesn’t seem to be receiving backlinks, you may try improving the page. Updating and refreshing a page can not only add more value, but it can help users find more relevant answers to their questions.

These are just a few popular ways that backlinking can help you build your SEO. With careful implementation and unique and fresh content, you’ll soon have a post or a page with dramatically higher search engine rankings.