Successful marketing is a key factor in business success, and one of the most dynamic marketing tools for lead generation is word-of-mouth referrals. Statistics show that the vast majority of people consider the recommendations of family members and friends before purchasing goods or services.

In fact, referrals are primary drivers of purchasing decisions. Here are some strategies to help you boost lead generation for your business through word-of-mouth referrals.

Use the Power of Testimonials

Highlighting testimonials from clients who have benefited from your company’s products or services is a powerful method of using word-of-mouth referrals. Potential customers can see the evidence of success in people like themselves. Some businesses publish photos of satisfied clients along with their comments on company websites. Other businesses use text only in the form of published reviews. An especially effective form of word-of-mouth testimonial is a video presentation, which allows an additional degree of personal appeal and emotional connection.

Communicate With Contacts Through LinkedIn

As a business owner, you probably frequently meet potential contacts for lead generation at dinners, networking events, and other occasions. Instead of dismissing these encounters, drop these people a brief note via LinkedIn, and remind them where you crossed paths and what you talked about. In this way, you initiate continuing relationships that can lead to word-of-mouth referrals. LinkedIn has the added advantage of saving all your communications so you can use them to recall details about the person you are contacting.

Accept Invitations to Meetings

When colleagues or even competitors request meetings to ask for advice, take advantage of these opportunities even if you see no initial advantage. They may ultimately lead to ongoing professional relationships that result in lead generation and other benefits. Even people who are currently competitors may eventually turn into allies.

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