One of the most important considerations in starting up a new business is the cost. Marketing, administration, technology, manufacturing, and employee salaries are all expensive. However, outsourcing is a strategy that can save you a considerable amount of money while providing you with top-quality expertise in essential areas.

Here are some of the roles that your company can outsource.


Instead of renting an office for your business with the accompanying costs of utilities, internet, phones, security, and equipment, consider using shared space at an executive office suite. You have the advantage of a fully prepared facility with all the amenities you need. Rather than having to start from scratch, your company administration can be fully functional almost immediately.


It’s expensive to hire a full-time accountant. Your business may be able to get by with cutting-edge accounting software. If you feel you need hands-on help, try outsourcing your accounting to an organization that lends you financial executives on a part-time basis.

Human Resources

Instead of handling the hiring, salaries, and benefits of employees by yourself, consider outsourcing the human resource details to a Professional Employee Organization. By making use of the services of a PEO, you save on payroll processing, benefits, and other human resource expenses.


Doing most of your marketing via your company website and social media platforms saves you a significant amount of money. If you need the benefit of professional expertise, a sales outsourcing company can handle your company’s overall sales process for a fraction of the cost of setting up your own sales department.


Outsource some of the technological needs of your business by utilizing cloud-based applications. You’ll save on hardware, software, and the need to hire additional personnel to handle your data processing. You also have the security of your company’s data stored safely away in the cloud.


Rather than going to the enormous expense of constructing your own facility, obtaining equipment, and hiring personnel, outsource your manufacturing to companies in the United States or overseas. Because the manufacturing plant will be already functioning, you’ll quickly have your products completed and on the market.

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