There are plenty of business strategies out there detailing how to get started.

Then, unfortunately, there’s much less good advice and much more “congratulations, you’re on your own now.”

But it’s actually a critical time, when, if you do things right, you can see great business growth, and if you do things wrong, you can go the way of many small businesses and need to shut down. You’ll encounter new pitfalls plus also the continuing presence of some initial internal and external challenges from the past, like how to keep making money, offering good service  and being a good employer.

If your focus is just to keep the lights on, you might be fine coasting for a while. On the other hand, if you want to look for business growth, this means you’ll have to find ways to bring new prospects all the time and also keep your existing customers happy.

Try these efforts to keep on pushing forward and getting known.

  • Get social. Build awareness of your business and your brand, as affordably as possible. Create social media channels and update them regularly. Look for ways to boost your posts to reach more of your target audience.
  • Create new content. Show that you’re an expert in your industry by regularly writing a blog, discussing topics on various social media channels and looking for other ways to write. A print or online newsletter can communicate well to existing customers.
  • Get known. Start going to community events so people see you in person as well as your site. Volunteer for a local chamber of commerce or civic organization. People may start to see you as a legitimate business resource.
  • Become an expert. Consider penning a column for a national site or even your local newspaper as ways to keep producing. A local radio station may also look for people for its news programs or even inexpensive sponsorships.
  • Look into optimization. A SEO-friendly site can attract customer and keep them around.

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