The average adult spends about 25% of their time in the workplace. Keeping a professional workplace environment can make it more comfortable and productive. How can you manage to stay professional and still get the work done? Remember these three things.

Keep Team-Building Games on a Professional Level

Teams need to bond to work better together. There are plenty of ways to encourage teambuilding in the workplace. But when the games are better for college Greek parties or sleepovers, they might have crossed the line. You might enjoy going to the shooting range, but as a teambuilding activity, keep it focused on work activities. Drinking might make you the cool boss, but is it really professional to take the team out every night?

The Workplace Is Not Your Family

The workplace environment is a team, not a family. Family has different connotations. It may not have positive feelings for everyone. It may also imply certain expectations. Family dynamics don’t belong in the workplace. Treat each other with good manners. Work is a different thing. You can’t choose your co-workers, generally speaking. Nor can you simply refuse to attend a meeting with co-workers you don’t like. You have to get along in ways families and friends don’t.

Respect Each Other’s Work-Life Balance

Just because you can stay late, doesn’t mean everyone can or wants to. Respect each other’s choices about work and home. Your choices are yours. Don’t disrespect the choice of others by making passive-aggressive comments, “I guess work isn’t important to you when you leave early every night.” You don’t know what each of your team members is going through.

Be a Great Manager

Respect goes a long way in the workplace environment. Focus on work and productivity. Leave the little annoyances at home.

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