Leaders must be decisive, good at communication, and inspiring to others. However, another important quality is adapting with change.

This article provides some ways you can reflect on and your leadership style as your business grows and evolves.

New Motivation Methods

When a company is young and small, employees may be able to grow a great deal of inspiration by working with company leaders side-by-side every day. However, as a company grows, many employees will respond better to other forms of motivation. For example, some people will want more autonomy to tackle new tasks the company has. In general, employees will also respond favorably to leaders who show investment in their growth rather than simply pushing them to work hard.

New Communication Methods

Another way your leadership can evolve with a growing business is by listening more and seeking and delivering feedback. Set aside time to listen to employees about their ideas, thoughts, concerns, and goals. Make this quality time: Avoid multitasking while talking to employees. The employee should be your sole focus when talking to them. Another good practice when talking to employees is by setting actionable goals on any feedback you deliver, according to Forbes.com. You can also solicit feedback on how you are performing as a leader and adjust accordingly.

Build Networks

New growth means new departments and teams across a company. That, in turn, can lead to phrases like “up on the top floor” and “I don’t know what’s going on in Marketing.” Those are signs of employees feeling isolated and out of communication with other parts of the company. To alleviate this problem, show leadership by building peer-to-peer networks between employees in different parts of the company. This is a way to identify problems before they become bigger, help your employees see each more favorably, and build a sense of unity across the business.

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