Regardless of the size of your business, to maximize productivity you need to retain your valued employees. However, sometimes small companies are unable to afford the high salaries and elaborate benefits that larger corporations use to hold onto their personnel. Here are some perks you can provide that don’t cost much but create a corporate culture that offers significant employee satisfaction.

Adapt to the Individual

Although all employees are part of your overall work team, when you consider their requirements as individuals, they tend to feel a more profound sense of belonging. For instance, empathize with their need for sudden time off to handle family crises. Offer flexible work arrangements to make it easier for them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Provide transit passes for employees who need to commute to work on public transportation. Get to know your employees, and consider what unique individual perks might be most appreciated.

Relax the Rules

Often a corporate culture that bends stringent tradition and allows a more relaxed atmosphere at work provokes employee gratitude and appreciation. A casual dress code helps your personnel feel more comfortable to focus on their work. Some employees would appreciate the opportunity to bring their pets to work, either periodically or on an ongoing basis.

Offer Training

Many people appreciate the opportunity for training that will help them advance their careers. Consider offering training and development on the job. If that’s not feasible, make it possible for your personnel to take outside workshops or courses.

Encourage Outside Activities

For most of your employees, fitness is an important consideration. If you have space, consider an on-site fitness center. Otherwise, provide gym memberships or start a fun company sports team. Another outside perk that many employees appreciate is the opportunity to volunteer for community service. Giving them the time to do this provides employees with a profound sense of satisfaction and also benefits the local community.

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