If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing, and you’d like for your company to enjoy the benefits derived from outsourcing, there are a few things you should take into account before jumping right into the process. Business process outsourcing is generally categorized as belonging either to front-office or back-office operations. The back-office operations refer to any of the company’s internal processes such as purchasing or billing, whereas front-office operations are more related to marketing and support services. Here’s how you can outsource business tasks in one or both of these categories.

Where to Find Outsourcing Companies

The first step in trying to outsource any of your company’s business processes is to find a suitable partner with whom you can make an arrangement. There are numerous offshore outsourcing companies which are located outside the boundaries of the U.S., for instance in Europe, the Philippines, or even in China. Nearshore outsourcing companies are those which are situated in locations very near to the U.S., such as Mexico or Canada.

Logistically, these countries might be easier to work with, simply because they’re geographically closer. However, the same international obstacles would have to be overcome before you can set up a smooth working operation with a nearshore vendor. The third type of outsourcing company is an onshore vendor, and that’s one which operates domestically within the U.S., although most likely in a different city or state. There are fewer international restrictions which govern onshore vendor processes, but you would still have all the same logistical obstacles to overcome because they’re not part of your physical location.

Pilot a Program

Once you have a candidate outsourcing company, it would be a good step to set up a pilot program with them, which amounts to a trial run of handling your business processes. During this phase, the outsourcing company personnel would become educated about your business and to some extent about your customers, and then actually do some of the work which you intend to outsource. If all goes well, you could formalize an agreement with them for continued outsourcing services, and if the pilot program does not go well, you could simply move on to another candidate who might be better suited for your operation.

Need funds for an outsourcing program? 

It usually takes some funding to get an outsourcing program underway, so that you can enjoy the benefits of being able to outsource. Contact us at Capital Connex, so our financial specialists can discuss funding options that will help kickstart your outsourcing program.