It’s happening: Your business is off the ground and ready to add employees. This article provides some strategies on how to set them and your company up for success.

Create Positions That Make Sense

Be conscious about creating positions at your company. Your focus should be on delivering your product and getting it into the market. For an emerging business, any position you create should directly fit that goal. Positions that do not can wait.

Look for Autonomous Employees

Especially with small businesses, it is important to seek out employees who can operate without a ton of hands-on management. You should be ready to answer questions and provide training and resources during the onboarding process, but self-starting employees who can learn and be productive on their own are ideal.

Consider Personality

According to Business News Daily, it is important to take personality—not just skills—into account when hiring new employees. Keep in mind the type of corporate culture you want your business to have. Additionally, consider the nature of the specific position when considering a potential hire’s personality: A customer-service representative may benefit more from having a warm personality than a mechanic.

Spend Time Onboarding

Once you have decided to hire new employee, it is essential to give them the resources they need to thrive. That means proper onboarding. A good onboarding process involves these tasks:

  • Let current employees know a new coworker is coming aboard. 
  • Introduce the new employee to everyone they will be working with. 
  • Make sure the new employee clearly understands their role and responsibilities. 
  • Give them the proper equipment, training, and workspace. 
  • Be an open book for questions the employees has. 
  • Follow up at 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day intervals to see how the employee is doing.  

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