We Have the Financing Solutions Your Practice Needs

Running a healthcare center means keeping control of working capital. At Capital Connex, we are committed to providing fast and reliable healthcare financing options to veterinary clinics, family practices, dental offices and any other practice providing healthcare services to the community.

Multiple Uses for Working Capital

Running a healthcare center has multiple costs to track. Here are some of the ones we can help with:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Practice Acquisitions
  • Equipment Leasing

Debt consolidation is meant to help when you are handling multiple monthly loan payments with different interest rates and due dates. Capital Connex works with financing partners who can combine your debts into one easy payment that might also lower your interest rate.

For practice acquisitions, our network of lenders can get the healthcare financing you need for buying out a partner or acquiring another facility. Qualified practitioners can qualify for up to 100% financing on this business endeavor.

Finally, equipment leasing is very important in the medical field where certain expensive pieces of equipment can be hard to buy outright. Whether you need diagnostic or treatment tools, our lending partners can offer up to 50% coverage for your soft costs.

Find Out More Today

Contact our office to find out how we can help your medical practice with healthcare financing. Let us know how we can help, either by sending you an application or giving you time with one of our financial advisors who can answer your questions.