Equipment Financing and Leasing Plans for Your Business Growth

When the growth of your business depends on equipment financing, Capital Connex has solutions to provide you with what you need and when you need it. We will connect you with finance experts who offer individually-tailored equipment leasing or financing programs work for you based on your unique sales cycles, harvesting seasons or peak-business times.

Advantages of Financing or Leasing Your Business Equipment

Capital Connex has the expertise and finance partnerships to offer a variety of finance and leasing plans that are as unique as each business. Borrowers who can show cash flow and business cycles for at least two years can benefit from our partners’ programs with:

  • Payment schedules to match business needs
  • Deferred payments based on sales cycles
  • Loans up to $1 million with financials
  • Middle-market loans up to $500,000
  • Payment structures tailored by industry
  • Low or zero down payments with attractive interest rates

Customized Plans for Your Specialized Equipment Needs

Our lending partners offer customized and flexible plans to help businesses grow and expand through equipment financing or leasing. These plans enable businesses to:

  • Take advantage of larger tax deductions
  • Preserve lines of credit or credit cards
  • Reduce equipment obsolescence risks
  • Obtain affordable and fixed payments
  • Preserve cash for income generation
  • Pay less interest through leasing than by financing new equipment

Benefiting from Leaseback Programs

A sale and leaseback plan through Capital Connex is an easy way to acquire working capital. When you sell the equity value of your existing equipment, you receive cash for your business. Our lending partners offer the lowest possible payment terms so that leasing the equipment back is easy and affordable. Equipment can be purchased back for $1 or fair market value when the lease is up.

An Equipment Financing or Leasing Plan that Works for You

Get on track to acquire the equipment or cash you need to grow your business. Funds disburse in the shortest time possible and provide an easy application process. Contact us today for a no-fee and no-obligation consultation and our equipment finance and leasing specialists will help you determine which plan works best for you.