Offer Your Customers Convenient Finance Services

Customers now have more choices than ever when deciding where to purchase products and services. Buying on credit or through a specialized payment plan can be a deciding factor in where they make a purchase. If you’re considering offering your customers a consumer finance option, Capital Connex provides all the tools you need to generate more sales by offering payment plans and credit terms.

Sales Revenue Increases

Offering a payment plan increases your sales revenue because customers prefer having the option to buy something when they first see it and without requiring cash. Capital Connex provides programs that can be customized to work specifically for your business type.

Advantages of Financing Customer Purchases

Customer financing helps you to build strong brand awareness. Your customers will remember your business each time they make a payment. Satisfied customers typically make repeat purchases and they’ll also appreciate the convenient online bill-payment service that you can provide.

Increase your sales by offering:

  • Instant credit decisions
  • Approvals for high dollar limits
  • Fast and easy electronic applications
  • Payment terms that meet your requirements
  • Customer credit limit increases
  • Private and secure transactions

Set Up Your Customer Credit Services Today

Capital Connex makes it easy for you to provide a variety of credit services that will support your business and also meet your customers’ needs. Contact our consumer finance specialists for a no-obligation consultation and see how consumer finance payment options can grow your sales.