Rapid Conversion of Your Receivables into Available Cash

If you’re considering ways to acquire working capital when you need it, Capital Connex can provide the means to quickly turn your customers’ invoices into available cash. Selling your accounts receivable invoices generates capital so you can meet your business needs sooner than later. Financing receivables provides your business with the means to turn your customer invoices into usable cash within 24 hours.

Converting Invoices Brings Significant Advantages to Your Business

In addition to helping maintain a steady cash flow, another advantage to financing your receivables is that it ensures you can still generate income when there’s a chance a customer might default on an invoice payment. Financing receivables can help minimize the risk to your operations that could result from either a non-payment or a late payment.

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of a receivables financing plan, some of which include:

  • No requirement for a personal guarantor
  • No loan-board decision required to determine cash amounts
  • Available cash for large or unexpected orders
  • No-fee insurance for customers and clients
  • Large cash amounts available based on your invoices
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Cash disbursement within 24 hours
  • Funding for all types of businesses

The Best Time for Contacting Us Is Right Now

Why wait any longer to eliminate late-payment and interrupted cash-flow risks? Our funding experts are well-versed in accounts receivable financing solutions and are available for a no-fee consultation. Contact Capital Connex and get started on turning your customers’ invoices into quick cash.