E-commerce is quickly becoming the main way that people shop for all kinds of items from home appliances to groceries. With the help of social media marketing, SMM, you can attract more customers and get more conversions than by relying on your website alone. To do this you can use live video, split testing and social proofing.

Live Video

Studies are showing that people would rather watch a short video over reading a long blog. This means that including a video format to your social media can help draw more attention to your products and services. Videos, particularly live ones, can peak the interest of your followers and even be shared to their friends to bring in new followers. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the tone you set with the videos needs to reflect the company culture and tone of your website or it may drive business away.

Split Test

Social media marketing and split testing go hand-in-hand. Not only can your ads run on social media platforms, or your videos for that matter, but you can use the tools that these platforms provide to determine which geographic areas, age groups or professions are the most interested in your products and services. This, in turn, can help you refine your ads and your ad campaign to be more effective.

Social Proofing

One of the best ways to reach new customers on social media is by getting the endorsement of those people trust. This can mean both macro and micro-influencers who work in related fields. For instance, if you are a make-up company, then finding a make-up artist to endorse your product in one of their posts can introduce your products to a new audience. Many companies focus on the big-name influencers, but market trends indicate that the smaller ones will have a more genuine voice and bigger impact. Many influencers on various platforms will give you an honest review in exchange for a small fee or free product. This can give you feedback on what you are doing right, and wrong, as well as advertise your product to the influencer’s audience.

Social media marketing can make your e-commerce business boom by enticing customers and potential customers to visit your site. This marketing can include videos produced by your company and posted to the various social media sites, it can also include endorsements by influencers and traditional ads. You can even run testing on the various methods to ensure that the right people are seeing them and they are effective.