White Plains, NY Businesses: Financial Resources Beyond the Bank

Finding the right financial resources in White Plains, NY can be challenging for local business owners. Many businesses in White Plains, NY cannot secure the financing they from traditional lenders, have reached the funding limits with their banks, or simply need a solutions that doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter loan program. At Capital Connex Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of financial resources for White Plains businesses, and our team works directly with entrepreneurs to create tailored solutions beyond what traditional lending channels can offer, such as:

  • Asset Based Financing
  • Factoring Services
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Consumer Finance Programs
  • Equipment Financing and Leasing
  • Healthcare Financing
  • Cash Advances
  • Unsecured Lines of Credit for New and Small Businesses

Improve Your Cash Flow and Grow Your Business

Businesses across all industries in White Plains, NY need to maintain a healthy cash flow to cover overhead expenses and to act on growth opportunities. Instead of waiting 30 days or longer for customers to pay their invoices, Capital Connex Business Solutions offers factoring services which feature:

  • Cash disbursement on receivables within 24 hours
  • No debt
  • Non-rcourse
  • Free insurance on customers and clients

Growth Capital for White Plains, NY Businesses

Capital Connex Business Solutions understands the need for funds to take on large or unexpected orders in order to position your company for growth. For these reasons, we offer purchase order financing. This debt-free solutions levels the playing field and allows even small businesses in White Plains to get a larger market share.

Consumer Finance Solutions

Consumer finance gives your customers payment options while building your brand and boosting your revenue. Our consumer finance solutions feature:

  • Instant credit decisions
  • Fast and easy electronic applications
  • Private and secure transactions
  • Payment terms that meet your requirements

Equipment Financing in White Plains

Capital Connex Business Solutions provides equipment financing and leasing options to businesses of all shapes and sizes in White plains. Our equipment programs include:

  • Flexible payment schedules to match your needs
  • Deferred payments based on sales cycles
  • Financing up to $1 million with financials
  • Middle-market loans up to $500,000
  • Payment structures tailored to your industry
  • Low or zero down payments with attractive interest rates

Financing for White Plains Healthcare Facilities

With the number of healthcare facilities and practices in the White Plains area, having the right financing to maintain overhead costs and grow operations is essential for long-term success. We offer a number of solutions designed for the healthcare sector in White Plains, such as:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Practice acquisitions
  • Equipment leasing

Unsecured Lines of Credit for White Plains Businesses

New and small businesses in White Plains, NY need a reliable source of working capital without resorting to traditional loans. Capital Connex Business Solutions offers unsecured business lines of credit up to $500,000 for established businesses, and lines of credit up to $50,000 for startups.

Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances are ideal for seasonal businesses, businesses that need capital for any reason, and businesses trying to position themselves for growth and need an extra boost in finances. Our merchant cash advances feature:

  • Fast funding
  • Easy and flexible payback
  • No fixed payments
  • Minimal paperwork
  • No loss of equity
  • No debt
  • No application or closing fees
  • No collateral required

Think Outside the Bank

Capital Connex Business Solutions offers a wide range of financing options for businesses in White Plains. There is no reason to get caught in the red tape and high requirements of traditional lending options. Explore the possibilities with Capital Connex Business Solutions today.