Flexible Financing for Small Businesses in White Plains, NY

If you own a bakery, restaurant, autobody shop, or one of the many small businesses located in White Plains, finding accessible and flexible financing can be a challenge. At Capital Connex, we offer flexible funding solutions for small businesses in the White Plains area so entrepreneurs can get access to the capital they need without the heavy restrictions of traditional lending channels.

Flex Pay Loans for White Plains, NY Businesses

Many small business owners in White Plains, NY put their plans for growth and expansion on the back burner because the necessary funding seems out of reach. Traditional lending channels have high entry requirements for financing. Capital Connex offers flax pay loans so local small businesses can access the funding they need for:

  • Opening new locations
  • Equipment purchases
  • Partner buyouts
  • Renovations and remodeling
  • Much more!

Flex pay loans give White Plains, NY business owners to defer up to 50% of the principal, which means the immediate payments are drastically lower. Our flex pay loans also feature:

  • No collateral necessary
  • Early payment options to minimize interest costs
  • Fixed low weekly payments that do not place a strain on cash flow
  • Amortization and refinancing options available

Unsecured Lines of Credit for Small Businesses in White Plains, NY

Capital Connex also offer unsecured lines of credit specifically for small businesses in the White Plains area. Every small business needs a reliable source of capital for purchases, smoothing out uneven revenue cycles, or simply to have just in case unexpected issues arise. Our flexible unsecured lines of credit can help keep your business prepared for the unexpected, plus you will be ready to take advantage of growth opportunities without having to jump through hoops to get the funding you want. Our unsecured lines of credit for small business in White Plains, NY feature:

  • Financing up to $750,000
  • 24 hour access to capital
  • No collateral necessary
  • Access to 5 individual loan drafts over 6 months
  • Submit drafts via fax or online
  • No application, access, or maintenance fees
  • Fast approvals within 48 hours
  • Quick access to funds in just days after approval
  • Streamlined application process with little documentation needed
  • Early repayment options
  • Less than perfect credit is not a problem
  • Interest is tax deductible
  • Financing places more control in your hands

White Plains businesses can multiply their funding by combining our unsecured line of credit along with our flex pay loans.

Why Put Your Goals on Hold?

Small business owners shouldn’t have to settle for small funding amounts. By working with the experts at Capital Connex, entrepreneurs in White Plains, NY can dream big and get the funding they need to reach their goals. We believe that every business owner should have access to the funding they need, and not held back by red tape or prohibitively high requirements. Contact Capital Connex today, and get the financing you want for your business.