When you own or run a website, you will need to curate your content on a regular basis. This can help you refresh the content to be more relevant to your site as well as boost your search engine ratings with fresh new quality stuff. Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques are constantly evolving to meet the needs of users.

There are four SEO habits that you can improve on each time you maintain your site; the use of targeted keywords, blog length, posting schedules and the quality content.

Targeted Keywords

Breaking up your targeted keyword variations can end up dropping you lower in the results list of an internet search. This is becoming more and more common as predictive text helps fill in search engine queries and related keywords may be used instead. By having a couple of variations of each word or phrase to direct people to your site, you can find yourself raising up in the results lists.

Short Blogs

SEO tools and techniques often rely on quality blogs to meet the criteria of web crawlers and search engines, some sites will try to fill their content with many short, but quality, blogs instead of fewer and longer ones. Many potential customers looking for information will want a longer blog, usually over a thousand words, to give them all the information they need at once instead of having to read many smaller blogs to get a better in-depth look at the topic. Search engines are noticing this trend and moving towards favoring longer blogs over shorter ones.

Erratic Posting

The more erratic your posting schedule, the harder it is for web crawlers to sort you into a high result rating. This is because you will not always have fresh and relevant content when the crawlers come looking. It can also drive away existing customers because they will have no reason to come back without new posts. One of the best things you can do for your blog or business website is have a regular posting schedule for the site itself as well as for any connected social media.

Quantity Over Quality

Choosing quantity over quality is not a good option for the success of the website. More and more as the years go by, search engines are looking for more quality content that is longer in form over many short content pieces which are low in quality.

SEO tools, techniques and trends can help you keep your search engine results rating high and keep your website in the first page of results. These include having the right content and posting it in the right way.