Whether you are a business owner or a working professional, or both, having the right marketing plans can make the difference between succeeding and struggling.

With the right LinkedIn marketing, for example, you can take your skills, products and services directly to those looking for a professional boost and receive one back.

Optimize Your Profile and Searchability

As both a business owner and a private working professional, having an optimized profile can increase your marketability. This means using Search Engine Optimization techniques in developing your profile as well as making sure that the links you include land interested parties to the right information and have engaging anchor text. You can also include keywords in your profile to help you rank higher in searches such as your skills, job titles and more.

Like many platforms, LinkedIn will offer you great tools for providing information and links to those viewing your profile; however, if you just use the standard format, then you may not have the best anchor text for your links. Likewise, you can add a profile badge to your personal blog to direct interested parties back to your qualifications and contact information.

Use Groups and Get Endorsed

LinkedIn marketing includes the use of groups to market yourself with emails and professional connections. You can either find an existing group in your industry or profession, or you can create your own. Once you have been a member of both the site and the group for thirty and four days, respectively, you can send emails to the group to market yourself.

Getting your skills endorsed by others can make your profile, and your emails, more professional and enticing. This means getting others to extol on your prowess, which can lead to you getting recommendations for skills you have not yet listed as well as professional endorsements on the skills you do have up.

Polish Your Company Page

It is not just individuals who have pages on LinkedIn, companies do as well and the best way to market your company through this platform is to make sure that the page is polished. Have clear and concise descriptions, no broken links and brilliant landing pages. You can even use many of the same tips and tricks designed for individuals to make your company page pop.

LinkedIn marketing can give you and your company a professional face to put forward and draw in more business and talent. With a couple of tips and tricks, you can best use the platform for your needs as well as make your website or blog seem more professional.