Monthly Archives: February 2019

How to Manage Risk and Keep Your Financials Stable With a Business Line of Credit

One of the greatest difficulties many businesses face is uneven cash flow. One month your finances may experience smooth sailing, while the next, they drop below acceptable levels. Business lines of credit allow you access to cash when you need... Read More

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Track Finances for Small Businesses

If you’re the owner of a small business, you may not need to hire an expensive CPA to do all your samll business accounting. Assuming you’re familiar with the basic concepts, you might be able to manage all your accounting... Read More

Avoid These Bad SEO Habits When Curating Content

When you own or run a website, you will need to curate your content on a regular basis. This can help you refresh the content to be more relevant to your site as well as boost your search engine ratings... Read More

How to Use Accounts Receivables Financing to Boost Cash Flow in the Medical Industry

The medical industry is one which is constantly facing the problem of slow payments, and a high volume of outstanding accounts receivable. It’s also difficult to keep track of all those invoices and to carry out a regular billing process,... Read More