Monthly Archives: December 2018

Perks to Provide Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Regardless of the size of your business, to maximize productivity you need to retain your valued employees. However, sometimes small companies are unable to afford the high salaries and elaborate benefits that larger corporations use to hold onto their personnel.... Read More

Boosting Corporate Morale Can Lead to a More Productive Workplace

Business productivity is closely linked to the mindset of your employees. Low morale leads to poor teamwork, diminished efficiency, and a high turnover rate, while high morale promotes a dynamic office environment and the achieving of important company goals. Here... Read More

Engaging With Customers on Social Media Can Make Your E-Commerce Business Boom

E-commerce is quickly becoming the main way that people shop for all kinds of items from home appliances to groceries. With the help of social media marketing, SMM, you can attract more customers and get more conversions than by relying... Read More

Reflecting on Leadership Styles as Your Business Grows Can Help Your Business Survive

Leaders must be decisive, good at communication, and inspiring to others. However, another important quality is adapting with change. This article provides some ways you can reflect on and your leadership style as your business grows and evolves. New Motivation... Read More

The Reasons Behind Success and Failure in Startups

Though no two startups are entirely alike, their success or failure depends on certain common factors. This article looks at several of those factors. Factor 1: Mentorship A good mentor can help make a business leader succeed, while the lack... Read More