Monthly Archives: October 2018

When Changing Your Website, Consider These SEO Risks

When it comes to the web development aspects of your site, any changes can influence your Search Engine Optimization and rankings. One way to ensure that this effect is a positive one is to consider a couple of SEO risks... Read More

When Banks Say No: Where to Get Small Business Loans

There’s a cold reality for small business owners: big banks don’t like to lend them money. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been a personal customer with the institution for years; if they don’t have the credit and collateral, the bank... Read More

5 Best Lending Alternatives To Bank Loans

Obtaining traditional bank loans is not always possible and it is wise to keep your options open. Fortunately, there are alternative lending options and some of them do not even require you to have good credit. Here are the five... Read More

Lease Heavy Equipment For Your Next Construction Project

Many contractors make the mistake of rushing out to purchase the next big innovation in heavy equipment as soon as they land a job that requires the use of it. They lay out a huge chunk of capital for the... Read More

Medical Factoring for Small Practices

Small medical practices often face cash flow issues due to slow-paying insurance claims. Some claims can take up to four months to clear, and in the meantime, these practices cannot purchase new supplies or invest in new medical technology that... Read More